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If you want to snip an image from part of your screen the easiest option is using the Snipping Tool.

SnippingTool 01.jpg

Click the (Windoes) Start button and start typing "sn" and the Snipping Tool link will appear.
Click it to open the tool.

SnippingTool 02.jpg

Click New to start snipping.

SnippingTool 03.jpg

Your screen will appear slightly greyed out now and you can start dragging from one corner to the opposite corner in the area from which you need the image.

SnippingTool 04.jpg

When you've got the correct cutout, let go of the mouse button and you see the result.
This result was automatically copied to the clipboard so you can paste it into an email or document straight away.

SnippingTool 05.jpg

(1) If the result is not good enough, click New and try again.
(2) If you want to save the image click the Save button.
(3) If you lost the clipboard copy because you copied something else in the meantime, use the Copy button and then paste the image into you email or document.
(4) If you want to send the image as an email attachment use the Mail button.
(5) If you want to handwrite into the image or draw a circle around a certain part, use the Pen. You can select between colours black, red and blue.
(6) If you want to highlight something use the Highlighter.
(7) If you want to delete some pen drawing or highlighting click the Eraser button and then click onto the object you want to delete.

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